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The Law Office of W. Shane Jennings

Experienced criminal defense: "More than 2,000 hours of criminal case court room argument."

I am a lawyer whose promise to you is I will defend you as if you were my own family because I care about you. My word is my bond. I will keep your secrets. I will look at all of the things that an accuser has said about you and take them on. I will defend you, my client, so you don’t have to know what to say and when to say it. I will use my skill and care to fight for you. I will not let the other side rest until justice has been done. I’m a trial lawyer, especially ready for criminal law. W. Shane Jennings, Attorney at Law is ready to guide and advise you on the law every step of the way. You will never be alone.

Criminal Defense Experience Matters

Accomplishments show it. Out of an approximate 400 case sample when I worked for the State of New Mexico below the results were:

  • 56 dismissals by defense motion
  • 72 nolle prosequi dismissals
  • 43 dismissals for failure to prosecute
  • 56 counseling dismissals
  • 1 jury trial acquittal, 1 jury trial loss
  • 44 deferred sentences
  • 24 sentenced bargained (deferred)
  • 47 pleas to a lesser charge - some of them guilty
  • 11 guilty as charged
  • Any results not shown are because there was no outcome under me.

Recent Highlight Sample:

  1. Ten minute return of Jury Acquittal.

  2. Dismissal for violation of due process after defendant held for more than 100 days without an arraignment on a felony case.

  3. Around 14 cases set for trial only 2 went to trial 12 were dismissed.

  4. Motion to compel production of evidence and subpoena of officer to explain why evidence was missing – resulted in a dismissal of the case.


Criminal Defense in the Magistrate and District Court

The law office is taking criminal cases in and around Las Cruces.

Generally, I cannot guarantee any results in your case. Each case is different. What I will do::

  1. Greet you in a friendly way.

  2. Make a plan on how we will attack your case and explain it to you.
  3. Keep you up-to-date on your case.

  4. Earn the money I charge you.

  5. Keep our conversation secret and limited to only talking to people about your case that need to know.
  6. Fight for the best outcome we can get.

What can the law office do for me?

We will decide what is most important to you. Acquittal is always the goal, but it is not always possible. Most people who come to criminal defense lawyers with a first offense are worried in this order.

  1. Fear of Jail.

  2. Fear of loss of their license.

  3. Embarrassment and fear of publicity.

  4. Worries about driving record and insurance rates.

The faster you get to the law office of W. Shane Jennings the better. You only have 10 days to protest the MVD from taking your license.